Video Transcript:

“Hi, it’s Dr. Bhatia here.

Today, I would like to discuss mental health. As you know, mental illness affects everybody and does not discriminate. Just like we have physical health, we have mental health.

However, despite that, there still remains a very strong stigma around mental illness and related struggles. We have this tendency to blame ourselves, to judge ourselves, to judge other people who suffer from mental illness and a question I ask is, “Would you make fun of or judge or call someone crazy or bad if they have a physical illness or a physical disability?” And the answer to that is always “no”.

What’s important is that we have compassion for ourselves, compassion for others, and put ourselves out there in a healthy way to support one another and understand that having depression or anxiety doesn’t make you weak or not strong. It makes you human.

Like everybody else walking on this planet, we have difficulties at times. So on this date, on any day of the week kindly remind yourself to check in with your own mental health and that of others and treat your mental health the way you treat your physical health.

I hope that you will all do this and I will do my part as well.

Have a good day. Bye for now.”

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