Frequently Asked Questions About Psychotherapy

FAQs – Mental Health Services

Below you will find some of the most common questions that people have about beginning psychotherapy.

Costs & Insurance

How much does a psychotherapy session cost?

The cost of therapy sessions will depend on the type of service provided as well as the experience and training of the therapist. Your fee will be discussed with you prior to booking your first session. 

Are psychotherapy sessions covered by OHIP?

Therapy sessions are not covered by OHIP; however, many extended health insurance plans include coverage for psychological services.

I have health insurance, is psychotherapy covered?

Healthcare insurance plans differ considerably in terms of the type of coverage they provide. It is important to check with your particular insurance plan to see what coverage they provide for psychological services. 

Other important questions to ask include what type of mental health providers are covered by your plan as well as claim procedure, details required on receipts, payment options and whether you require a letter of referral by your physician.

Do you bill my insurance directly?

No, we don’t bill your insurance provider. You will need to pay for your session and we will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Do I need a referral by my physician?

Our services don’t require a referral from your physician however this may be required by your health insurance coverage in order to claim benefits for mental health services. We encourage you to inquire with your insurance provider to understand these details.

Psychotherapy (Sessions)

I feel confused about what type of help I need, what should I do?

It can be a challenge to identify what your mental health concerns are and who might be the right person to help you work through them. Our client care specialists will help determine what services would best help you. They will also match you with one of our therapists. Our team is made up of Registered Psychologists, Registered Psychological Associates, Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists.

What can I expect in my first session?

The first appointment is called an intake session (can be 1-2 sessions) which involves a detailed assessment to understand your history and background, relationship dynamics and the stressors/challenges that have contributed to your current situation and state. Your therapist will also discuss your goals for therapy and work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet those goals. We aim to make this process a comfortable one and to provide you with a safe place to talk about your concerns.

How long are sessions? How often do we meet?

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and the frequency depends on your particular situation and the treatment plan that you discuss with your therapist. Often the therapeutic process begins with weekly sessions in order to develop a good therapeutic relationship and foundation to work towards your treatment goals.

Psychotherapy (General)

Does psychotherapy work?
Yes. Research has demonstrated that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for many psychological conditions. There are numerous evidence-based treatments that can help people. Additionally, scientific research has consistently shown that the relationship between therapist and client is a key factor in the success of treatment. Therefore, the treatment approach is tailored to best fit with the client and an emphasis is placed on fostering a collaborative relationship between therapist and client.
Who can benefit from psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy can benefit any individual, couple, or family that is struggling with handling life stressors, life changes, and emotional, and behavioural difficulties. Contrary to popular misconceptions, individuals do not need to be suffering from a mental disorder to benefit from psychotherapy. It is the case that many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders seek out psychotherapy, however, a large percentage of individuals without mental disorders also seeks out treatment.
Are all practitioners qualified to provide psychological/psychotherapy treatment?
Yes. All members of the Bhatia Psychology Group clinical team are registered, and in good standing with the governing bodies of their professional practice. All patients seeking psychological/psychotherapy services should seek out qualified professionals who are registered with their governing bodies of professional practice.
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