MVA Assessments

At Bhatia Psychology Group, we have extensive experience using an integrative, person-centered approach to help individuals who have experienced physical and psychological pain, particularly as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If you have been impacted by an accident and need support on your recovery journey, please contact us. We are here to help you find a path towards healing and a happier future.

How It Works


Your first appointment will be a 30-60 minute interview where you will discuss your accident, the symptoms you are experiencing, and how these symptoms are impacting your daily functioning. We will then write a report recommending a comprehensive psychological assessment to submit to your insurer for approval.


Once approved by your insurer, you will take part in a psychological assessment that involves an in-depth clinical interview, review of medical documentation, as well as a series of psychological tests. We will then write a comprehensive assessment report. This includes details of the assessment, potential diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment to submit to your insurer.


Your therapist will work with you to ensure you receive the support you need, track your progress, and help you process the traumatic event(s) so that you can confidently move forward.

FAQs – MVA Assessment

FAQs – MVA Assessment

How involved is my auto insurer in the process?

Once your reports are complete, we send a copy to your insurance adjuster who reviews the report and determines if your treatment plan is approved and if they will cover the costs.

Do I have to come in person for the assessment?

We offer in-person and virtual assessments. This is based on your own availability and the assessing clinician’s availability. Please state your preference to our intake coordinator when scheduling your assessment and we will try to accommodate your preferences.

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