Immigration Assessments

Bhatia Psychology Group provides psychological assessments for individuals applying for residency in Canada who were born outside the country. We recognize that seeking support during difficult times can be challenging, and our mission is to help you achieve a more fulfilling life.

How It Works


Once you reach out to our clinic, we will briefly ask you to explain your reasoning for seeking an assessment, what you require (e.g. documentation), your presenting concerns, and what your timeline is for the assessment.


You will take part in a comprehensive psychological assessment to discuss all relevant background information, including your past and present living circumstances, your presenting concerns, and your current functional status.

The second part of the assessment will involve your completion of a standard battery of psychological tests that are completed with the psychologist to further understand your psycho-emotional functioning and help formulate a diagnosis (if applicable).

Following the assessment, the assessing psychologist will complete your required documentation (as applicable).

FAQs – Immigration Assessments

What are the fees for the assessment?

We will discuss the fees for your assessment with you before proceeding, taking into account your specific needs. Our team will not proceed with an assessment without your full consent to both the services and the associated fees.

How long does the assessment process take?

The timeframe for results is unique to each client and will be reviewed prior to the assessment.

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