Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Join the Bhatia Psychology Group clinical team as we share video resources on anxiety, stress, self-compassion, maintaining mental health during COVID-19 and more.

Parenting During a Pandemic I Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist

Transcript: “Hi, my name is Dr. Maneet Bhatia. I hope wherever you’re watching this video, you’re keeping safe and healthy. Today, what I want to talk to you about is my need for a haircut. Actually, there’s much more to say, I just need a haircut and I truly appreciate my barber during COVID-19, and I’ll […]

A Reminder to Be Kind to Yourself I Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist

Transcript: A reminder from a psychologist to be kind to yourself. “Hey, it’s Dr. Bhatia here. I hope that wherever you’re watching this video, you’re safe and healthy. Last time we were together, I talked a lot about slowing down and self-reflecting. Over the last week I’ve been talking to patients, to family, to friends […]

Self-Reflection During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Transcript Below: “Hey. Dr. Bhatia here. I hope wherever you are watching this, you’re safe and keeping healthy. We’ve been posting a lot of information on our Instagram and our website regarding tips and strategies to manage your mental health during this COVID pandemic. As we try to isolate and stay home to flatten the curve, one […]

What Happens When We Repress Emotions? I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE REPRESS EMOTIONS? Video Transcript: Interview with Jeff Duke, MSW RSW, Registered Social Worker “Today I want to talk a bit about repressed emotions and what can happen when we don’t fully experience what we’re feeling in the moment. A lot of times when people go through something difficult, they often bring up […]

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Hi, my name is Jeff Duke and I’m a counsellor and psychotherapist here at Bhatia Psychology Group. I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about seasonal affective disorder or what’s often called the “winter blues.” SAD is what happens for some people where they start to experience symptoms of […]

What is Trauma? I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

What happens to us when we experience trauma? Bhatia Psychology Group’s Jeff Duke, MSW, RSW, explains trauma and how it impacts our mental health. “Trauma simply is any event that a person goes through that they’re unable to emotionally and mentally process because there’s too much distress at the time the event happens. It can be as […]

How to Get Through a Panic Attack I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, my name is Jeff Duke. I’m a clinical social worker at Bhatia Psychology Group. I’m talking today about what to do when you go through a panic attack. A panic attack is a very, very intense version of anxiety. You will likely feel a very rapid heartbeat. You might find it very difficult to breathe. You […]

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