Psychological Assessments For Adults

At Bhatia Psychology Group, we believe in the power of psychological assessments to guide our clients toward a better understanding of their mental health. Our assessments can identify mental health diagnoses, highlight strengths, and pinpoint areas for improvement — all of which can inform future treatment options.

A psychological assessment may be helpful for any of the following reasons:


Identifying or clarifying a psychological diagnosis to guide future treatment.


Highlighting your strengths and outlining areas for improvement.


Seeking accommodations at work or school due to emotional, behavioural, and/or learning challenges.


Understanding your symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma.


Understanding your thoughts, reactions, and/or behaviours.


Understanding how your symptoms affect your relationships.

Types Of Assessment

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive psychological assessment process. This includes a semi-structured clinical interview and a standard battery of tests to gain a deeper understanding of your history, concerns and behaviours. Through this process, we can help you achieve mental wellness by providing personalized guidance and support. A summary report of findings is also available upon request.

Comprehensive Diagnostic and Personality Assessment

Gaining a deeper understanding of your mental health often begins with identifying a diagnosis and clarifying symptoms, personality types, and coping styles. Our psychodiagnostic assessment process includes additional psychological tests and a comprehensive report that details all findings and recommendations. With our support and guidance, you can take proactive steps to improve your overall wellbeing.

Psychoeducational Assessments for Adults

Psychoeducational assessments provide direction for those struggling with educational pursuits—from everyday learning to specific areas of study. There may be mental blocks, focus difficulties, and/or challenges integrating and synthesizing information. During the assessment, you take part in a structured clinical interview and complete a variety of psychometric tests. The information gathered provides direction for a treatment plan.

Adult ADHD Assessments

Our ADHD assessment evaluates skills such as attention, self-regulation, concentration, impulse control, and organization through an extensive background history and testing measures. This can help guide future treatment and support for those diagnosed with ADHD. With the right treatment plan and support, individuals with ADHD can thrive and live happy, fulfilling lives.

FAQs – Adult Psychological Assessment

How long will it take to receive my assessment results?

The timeframe for results varies for each client and will be reviewed with your assessing clinician.

Will the results of my assessment be shared with anyone else?

No, the results of your assessment will not be shared with others unless you provide written consent to release the information.

Can you provide me with a medication prescription following my assessment?

Our psychologists do not prescribe medication. If you want to explore medication following an assessment, we recommend contacting your family doctor or psychiatrist before participating in the assessment. This will enable you to determine any requirements they may have.

What is the cost of a psychological assessment?

The cost of a psychological assessment is determined by your clinician based on specific client needs and the number of hours required for completion. We encourage you to contact us for more information about fees.

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