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Featured in the Media

Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist, is regularly featured in the media as a subject matter expert for the treatment of chronic stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Helping children process traumatic events

Coping with attack aftermath

Dr. Bhatia Talks High Functioning Anxiety

Do you have a gaming disorder?

Feeling distressed or scared after Toronto’s van attack? Here’s how to get help

Mild anxiety can get worse — here’s why you shouldn’t ignore it

Dating someone with social anxiety isn’t easy — here’s how to make it work

Why some fans support acts like Hedley, even after assault charges

Are you suffering from mental fatigue?

Dr. Bhatia’s Appearance on the Dad’s Panel 

Coping with Depression During the Holidays

Dr. Bhatia’s Appearance on the Parenting Panel 

Does beauty make your life harder? Many don’t agree

100 ways to have a happier, healthier and better 2018

Unplugged: Why these people deleted social media

Overcoming depression – coping as a couple

Hockey loses another player

Social media and being a man – is it good or bad?

What can the NBA teach us about expressing emotions?

The psychology of ED for men

Grieving and the vigil for the McArthur victims

Steps to overcome depression

When panic attacks happen at night

Article on emotional abuse – it isn’t always obvious

Coronavirus cabin fever? Keeping mental health a priority during self-isolation

Interview with Dr. Maneet Bhatia on Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Interview with Dr. Bhatia: How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Activism

What to do when feeling lonely or anxious during the 2nd wave of the pandemic

Staying positive with a physically distant Thanksgiving

The mental effects of a time change during the pandemic

Burning out from working from home? 3 ways to prevent it

Burning out from working from home? 3 ways to prevent it

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