Video Transcript:

“Hi there. This is Dr. Maneet Bhatia. Today is what they call Blue Monday, and whether or not there’s merit to it, today is a really good day to reflect on our mental health, especially on a very, very cold day in Toronto Canada, where we are right now.

Some important tips for mental health that can help you get through the day would be:

1) If you’re feeling a bit down or disconnected and a little bit low in terms of your mood, giving a call or shooting a text message to a friend or a loved one to let them know how you’re doing and for them to talk to you would be really helpful to show you’re loved.

2) Another good tip would be to eat mind-boosting foods to help with energy levels.

3) Also, even though it’s really cold outside, within reason getting some short walks or fresh air is really helpful.

4) If you typically have a workout or a hobby, to engage in your usual workouts.

I hope these tips help, I hope you stay warm, and I hope you have a good mental health day.

Bye for now.”

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