WSIB Asssessments

At Bhatia Psychology Group, we collaborate with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) to provide psychological assessment and therapy services to individuals with a workplace-related injury or illness. If you are struggling with workplace stress, a work incident, or a series of incidents, an assessment may be the right step for you. Our intention is to provide you with the care, support, and treatment plan you need to achieve your goals.

How It Works

Once you file a claim with the WSIB, you may contact our clinic to get started with the assessment process.


We will ask for some basic information from you, such as a brief description of your workplace incident/situation. After that, we will schedule a tentative assessment while you wait for approval from WSIB. Once WSIB approves your claim, our clinic will send you confirmation of your assessment.


The assessment will involve a clinical interview to understand your history, concerns, circumstances, and how they are affecting your life. You will also complete a standard battery of psychological tests. The psychologist will then write a report that includes the results of the assessment and submit this report for treatment approval.


After WSIB approves your claim, we will match you with a therapist who is the best fit for your situation. Together, you will work towards processing the event, understanding your symptoms, and achieving your goals. As you become more comfortable and ready, your therapist may also discuss return-to-work goals and recommendations with you.

FAQs – WSIB Assessment

Do I need to contact the WSIB before getting an assessment?

Yes, before starting the assessment, you will need to file a claim with the WSIB. If you are unsure about how to get started, we are happy to provide information and guidance.

Who pays for the assessment and/or treatment fees?

If WSIB approves you for an assessment and treatment, they will cover all fees associated with your care. This includes an assessment and any necessary treatment.

Do I have to come in person for the assessment?

We offer both in-person and virtual assessments, depending on your availability and preferences, as well as the availability of the assessing clinician. Please let our intake coordinator know your preference when scheduling, and we will work to accommodate your needs as effectively as we can.

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