Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Join the Bhatia Psychology Group clinical team as we share video resources on anxiety, stress, self-compassion, maintaining mental health during COVID-19 and more.

How to Get Through a Panic Attack I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

“Hi, my name is Jeff Duke. I’m a clinical social worker at Bhatia Psychology Group. I’m talking today about what to do when you go through a panic attack. A panic attack is a very, very intense version of anxiety. You will likely feel a very rapid heartbeat. You might find it very difficult to breathe. You […]

What to Do When You Feel Anxious? I Jeff Duke, Registered Social Worker

“My name is Jeff Duke and I’m a clinical social worker at Bhatia Psychology Group. One of the things that can be helpful when you’re experiencing anxiety is to go through some relaxation strategies. This can be a good way to address anxiety before it ever reaches the level of panic. One of the most effective ways […]

Mental Health & Compassion I Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist

Video Transcript: “Hi, it’s Dr. Bhatia here. Today, I would like to discuss mental health. As you know, mental illness affects everybody and does not discriminate. Just like we have physical health, we have mental health. However, despite that, there still remains a very strong stigma around mental illness and related struggles. We have this […]

What is Anxiety and How to Treat It?

“Hi there, it’s Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist. Today, I want to discuss anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal physiological response when we experience a physical threat. As long as we’ve existed, we’ve had signals for anxiety in order to flight or fight. So, anxiety from an evolutionary perspective is an adaptive, functional, […]

Mental Health Tips for Blue Monday

Video Transcript: “Hi there. This is Dr. Maneet Bhatia. Today is what they call Blue Monday, and whether or not there’s merit to it, today is a really good day to reflect on our mental health, especially on a very, very cold day in Toronto Canada, where we are right now. Some important tips for […]

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