Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Mental Health & Wellness Videos

Join the Bhatia Psychology Group clinical team as we share video resources on anxiety, stress, self-compassion, maintaining mental health during COVID-19 and more.

What is Anxiety and How to Treat It?

“Hi there, it’s Dr. Maneet Bhatia, Clinical Psychologist. Today, I want to discuss anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal physiological response when we experience a physical threat. As long as we’ve existed, we’ve had signals for anxiety in order to flight or fight. So, anxiety from an evolutionary perspective is an adaptive, functional, […]

Mental Health Tips for Blue Monday

Video Transcript: “Hi there. This is Dr. Maneet Bhatia. Today is what they call Blue Monday, and whether or not there’s merit to it, today is a really good day to reflect on our mental health, especially on a very, very cold day in Toronto Canada, where we are right now. Some important tips for […]

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