Psychological Services to Support Your Recovery

Rehabilitation Psychology Services  

At Bhatia Psychology, we put compassion into everything we do. If you have experienced a motor vehicle accident, work-related incident, or personal injury, we help you process the traumatic event so that you can confidently move forward. Our clinical team provides the care you need, the support you can trust, and the treatment plan that gets you to your goal.

We help overcome the following symptoms:


Fear of driving or being in a car


Stress, anxiety or panic attacks


Chronic pain or muscle dysfunction


Insomnia or sleep challenges


Difficulty coping with stressors


Concentration or memory problems


Flashbacks or nightmares


Depression or melancholy


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


And more ...

Supporting Your Recovery

We offer an effective set of tools and a client-centered approach so that you can not only recover but experience a lasting transformation.

Our treatment services support your recovery by:

• Assessing the psychological impact from your injury or trauma
• Identifying the best therapies to guide you on your journey
• Outlining a treatment plan that suits your circumstances
• Reducing distressing mental health symptoms
• Supporting return to work and/or everyday activities

Referring to Us

We accept self-referrals from clients, as well as health practitioners, case managers and third-parties (lawyers, insurance companies). We have years of experience helping people who have suffered from psychological and physical pain using an integrative, person-centered, mind and body approach.

Oftentimes, people can feel as if their situation isn’t severe enough to warrant professional care. At Bhatia Psychology Group, we believe that there’s no reason to live anything less than an optimal life. If an accident has changed your trajectory towards a path of happiness, please contact us today and begin a journey to recovery. It’s time – we can help.

FAQs – Rehab Psychology Services

How do you assess and treat for a motor vehicle accident?

First, we will conduct a psychological pre-screening interview, which takes approximately 30-60 minutes. During this session, we gain a better understanding of your specific circumstances, the psychological symptoms that you are experiencing, and how those symptoms are impacting your ability to function in your daily life (from home and family life, to work or school responsibilities and beyond).

From there, we determine whether or not we need a comprehensive psychological assessment through your insurer. If so, we will submit a request with your consent to the insurance company to have the treatment plan approved. When it’s approved, you will come into the office to do a full assessment, which entails a clinical interview, review of medical documentation, as well as a series of psychological tests. In the event that your psychological assessment is not approved by your insurance company, we will discuss alternative options.

After the assessment, we will put together a psychological assessment report, which includes a potential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment recommendations to support mental wellness.

Do your therapists work with Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) claims?

Yes, we do accept referrals from WSIB. Please contact us for further details.

Do your therapists work with short or long-term disability treatment?

Yes, our therapists often provide support to individuals who are struggling with psychological challenges while on short or long-term disability. We can work with the client directly if they have extended health benefits, or if they prefer to pay privately. We also work with clients to facilitate a return-to-work program through their insurance provider.

Do your therapists help assess claims from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB)?

No, not at this time.

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