Transcript: A reminder from a psychologist to be kind to yourself.

“Hey, it’s Dr. Bhatia here. I hope that wherever you’re watching this video, you’re safe and healthy. Last time we were together, I talked a lot about slowing down and self-reflecting. Over the last week I’ve been talking to patients, to family, to friends and it’s been difficult.

People are really feeling cabin fever, feeling down or feeling sad. And it’s important in those times to be able to feel your feelings, to acknowledge them and to give yourself permission to have them.

What I want to talk about today in addition to that is this idea that we have right now about, from an authentic place and genuine place, we want to feel we’re doing things that are healthy for us. Things like going for walks or eating healthy, having a good state of mind, and it’s important that we would continue to do these things, but it’s also important to acknowledge sometimes we may not be able to do it the way we want.

Whether it’s wanting to be an attentive parent, whether it’s being the best partner we can be, focusing on our job … we’re being pulled in so many different directions right now. It’s impossible to be everything to everybody all the time.

And even when you’re doing things that are authentic and genuine and you have a list or have an intention towards something positive or enhancing, it’s important to recognize that sometimes it just won’t get done. And that’s okay.

One of the mantras I’ve been sharing with patients is that we continue to be, and as long as we’re here, works in progress.

There’s no finish line per se. There’s no “if I do this today or five times in a row that I’ll do okay.” We are constantly works in progress. And it’s acknowledging that, that every day is a journey and every day is an experience and there’s not a final destination.

Slowing down is part of it, but also recognizing that sometimes even with our best of intentions, we’re not going to do everything we want to do.

What I’m encouraging is to all of us out there to remember as we’re being pulled in all kinds of directions to remember that you are, I am, we are all works in progress, okay? And have compassion for yourself as you continue on this journey. Talk to you soon.

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