Psycho-Educational and Psycho-Vocational Services

Assessments & Testing for Adults

When a clinical diagnosis is needed, we use sophisticated testing methods to assess your background, psychological functioning, current symptoms, and more. Through our comprehensive psychological assessment process, we help you find clarity and support to achieve mental wellness.

Psycho-Educational Assessments

A psycho-educational assessment provides direction for those who are struggling with educational pursuits — from every day learning to specific courses or areas of study. We understand ongoing challenges can cause anxiety and stress, despite best efforts. There may be mental blocks, difficulties with focus, and/or difficulties integrating and synthesizing information. 

A psycho-educational assessment can help in the identification and/or treatment of any learning, behavioural, social, and emotional issues blocking you from achieving your full potential.

How it works: A structured clinical interview, various psychometric tests, and a review of your history will provide direction for treatment. We then analyze the results and compile a comprehensive report with a diagnosis and recommended action steps.

FAQs – Mental Health Assessments

Will my boss or my school be informed of the assessment results?

No, not unless you provide explicit written or verbal consent to release the information.

How long will it take to get the results of the assessment(s)?

The timeframe for results is unique to the client and will be reviewed with your therapist. On average, the results are available within 2-3 weeks.

How does a mental health assessment or psychological assessment support my treatment plan?
A psychological assessment is conducted by a clinical psychologist and is advised or recommended if you are looking for a diagnosis. The assessment helps to identify a diagnosis, inform your treatment plan, and determine the best way to help you overcome any psychological difficulties. 
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